deniss duo1.oktobrī vakarā pie mums ar jauno programmu no sava jaunā CD viesosies lielisks mūziķu duo – Deniss Paškevičs (Latvija) un Kristiāns Frenks (Dānija).

Ieeja: 8,00 EUR


Before two musicians — Christian Frank and Deniss Pashkevich — from two quite cold northern countries did their first album together, each of them had his own story to tell.
Christian Frank has been an integral part of the Copenhagen jazz community, performed at almost any jazz and blues club in
Denmark, and has composed, played and recorded with numerous well-known musicians of the region.

Deniss Pashkevich has always been a well-known name associated with jazz and funk in the Baltic region and as a flautist, saxophonist, producer, composer and educator has
participated in all major festivals and events in the Baltics and Scandinavia.

In 2010 they incidentally met during an artist seminar in Copenhagen and decided to stay in contact: one could hardly imagine a collaboration more logical than this, and the distance between two countries didn’t appear as a barrier at all.
The debut CD of the duo called OUTLOOK received a warm welcome in the industry and numerous praises from listeners and mass media, thanks to lyrical side of Christian intertwining with expressive sound from Deniss.

In 2014 the Frank/Pashkevich Duo released new CD called CLOSE containing pieces from both musicians composed for only saxophone and guitar. The CD is all about tranquility, pauses and reflection, based on modern jazz, swing, avantgarde, funk and improvisation elements. During their latest tour in Riga the duo admitted that simultaneous entries are difficult to make after every musical pause, what makes their live performances even more spectacular and intimate. In the album, both composers somehow manage to tell more through less notes, filling the atmosphere with Northern-style laconic restrained phrases and intimate warmth.

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