Notikumu pievienoja: tomoxauka

Pasākums sākas: 20:00

Norises vieta: “ARTELIS” Blaumaņa 32, Rīga

Biļešu cena: Bezmaksas

Sīkāka informācija:


Z Park is an international jazz trio formed in Groningen, The Netherlands. With all three musicians coming from different backgrounds of musical experience and education the band has an original approach to contemporary music.

In general, the group focuses mostly on their sound quality, phrasing and multiple voice leading, odd meters, developing motives and connecting ideas while improvising.

The band’s main concept is to explore the boundaries of a guitar trio and search for full and complete sounds. To realize this, each of the musicians brings in his own musical ideas and cultural influences making the project a unique musical experience for both the audience and the members of the band as well.

Lithuanian guitarist Pranas Kentra opened the first door to the world of music at the age of 13 when he started playing guitar and joined a music school in Vilnius to study classical guitar. At the age of 18 he started having private lessons with a Lithuanian jazz guitar educator Stasys Daugirdas. Soon Pranas got attracted by many different styles of music and joined the music faculty in Vilnius College as a jazz guitar student. Later on he was successfully admitted to the Prins Claus conservatory in Groningen, the Netherlands.

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